Student Testimonials

We had so much fun!! I have never taken a pottery class before & it was great to have the guidance. If you do an evening class, wear a sweatshirt because it’s open to the outdoors. The environment was great! Erin Raffit

It was a fun class and worth the money took a girl on a date there and now I plan on going alone n getting better at a new found hobby. the teacher Jeff was really chill but also extremely helpful, he makes making pottery look effortless when in reality it’s frustratingly hard, but in the most enjoyable way. My date and I made some pottery and although hers may be indistinguishable from what you’d see if you let a 4 year old go to town with some play doh my pieces were carefully articulated with incredible precision and attention to detail (I made an uneven plate that was supposed to be a cup) and I couldn’t be happier she also had an amazing time so thanks Jeff I’ll see you soon. Jack Hammerhead

Learning how to throw clay was a bucket list item and now it’s crossed off! A fun time and you will be proud of what you create, even if it looks wierd! I would definitely go back and give it another shot. Jeff Sansing

This experience was really fun. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable yet very informative. This is a great activity for anyone who just wants a unique night out or to get an intro course in pottery. Victoria Hatch

Great option for date night. Lots of fun! It’s more difficult than it looks, but the hands on training allowed me to create my little masterpiece! Darrin Reading

Just an amazing experience from start to finish! My fiance and I went to fulfill one of her childhood dreams of learning how to make pottery. It was fun and educational and we had a blast with the other people in the class too. Lots of laughs over wobbly pottery. It really makes you appreciate the high level of skill that the teacher possesses and the amazing art he’s able to create. We will definitely go back! Justin Machado

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