Star Marie- Artwheel Studio intern bio

ceramics intern

Star found her passion for sculpting in her high school ceramics class. She has a creative imagination with clay. She search to find an art studio to pursue her passions after high school. She quickly realized the sense of peace that was given to her while molding and manipulating the clay. She was devoted and willing to intern in order to pursue her love for sculpting. I was teaching her new techniques in order to help her accomplish her innovative ideas. 

Star not only has a passion for sculpting but also works in CalFire. On her days off she finds time to work on her love for art and helps do chores for the ceramics processes. She is able to recognize when a customer is struggling spinning and will attempt to support. She enjoys reorganizing and cleaning the studio to help me. In conclusion, having her here at the studio helps her relax, assist me with my daily chores and gives her a space for her creativity in a productive way.