Private Events & Parties

Learn more about Art Wheel Ceramics Studio & Pottery School in Imperial Beach,CA

At Art Wheel Studio, we believe that art has the power to bring people together, foster creativity, and create unforgettable memories. That’s why we offer a range of art group experiences designed to cater to groups of all sizes and occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a special event, team-building, or simply looking for a unique group activity, we have something for everyone.

Options for Groups Larger Than 8 Individuals:

Sculpture Making: Unleash your artistic talents as a group by sculpting your own unique pieces. Whether you’re shaping clay into expressive forms or crafting sculptures from various materials, this hands-on experience allows your group to explore your creativity collectively.

Private Lessons: Personalized Guidance for Your Artistic Journey

For those seeking more personalized instruction or specific project guidance, our private lessons are the perfect choice. Our experienced instructors will work closely with you to tailor each session to your individual goals and interests. Whether you’re interested in mastering a particular technique, creating a unique pottery piece, or simply enjoying one-on-one instruction, our private lessons ensure a customized and focused learning experience.

Clay Platters, Plates, and More: Get your hands in the clay and create functional art together. Design and decorate clay platters, plates, or other items that you can use and cherish.

Art Wheel Studio hours of operation

Hours by appointment or view our calendar of activities.