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Ceramic Studio Apprenticeships – Art Wheel Studio

We know how essential it is to immerse yourself fully in the pottery craft and the hours needed to get good at something. Apprenticeship / volunteer job is the option if you have the time but maybe not the funds to invest in short and guided intensive courses. In this option you are provided with the studio space, guidance, ability to observe and ask questions in exchange for 12 hours/week of your help doing basic tasks around the studio.

For apprenticeships we take 1- 2 students at a time for 1-3  months.

Art Wheel associate / Work exchange opportunities

We offer short-term apprenticeships at the studio (3 months). This is an unpaid position and in exchange for labor, we offer facilities and guidance. This opportunity is most suited for beginner potters in their initial years of training wanting to develop their skills further in the working studio. Apprentices are introduced to and educated in the making processes from start to finish. Tasks, chores and projects you may include : wedging clay, preparing materials, sponging pottery, polishing pottery, mixing glazes, general tidy-up of the studio etc. Apprentices learn to function within a working studio pottery.

We look for apprentices who are hard working, thoughtful, open to learning and respectful. The working hours are 2 days per week on a prearranged schedule you may spend for developing your own body of work outside of scheduled hours, the studio is open Tuesday – Sunday 10 am – 8 pm The ideal applicant has a desire to learn about and engage in the life and business of studio pottery. You do not need to have years of experience or a formal academic education, but must be committed to the work required to become a professional. Keen interest and passion for pottery is crucial. Pottery requires patience and precision, it is the most scientific of all art forms.

Are you my next studio apprentice?

  • What you must be able to do to be a studio apprentice: ·
  • be able to repeatedly lift 10kg without whining ·
  • be willing to do whatever random stuff that comes up on any given day ·
  • love learning new things
  • never say “That’s not my job!” because it actually is your job
  • follow directions
  • work through a to-do list without supervision 
  • not mind working with introverts (it’s really not personal)
  • work quickly but thoroughly, with attention to detail
  • work well in a relax and casual environment
  • manage multiple and changing responsibilities
  • take direction well 
  • independently motivated
  • work well with your hands using fine motor skills
  • accept responsibility for your own actions
  • mop a floor like a boss
  • can wedge clay when required
  • are comfortable asking questions to learn new things

Contact Jeff at if you have any more questions.

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