Choosing a pottery wheel

Buying a potter’s wheel is a big step that can be rather intimidating. There are a number of variables you need to consider before making the decision to purchase your own potter’s wheel.

Your wheel will be an integral part of your work as a potter. There are differences in wheels, so you will want to determine which wheel meets your needs for the best price. Potter’s wheels are a major expense—be certain to comparison shop. Check with several online suppliers, as well as local ceramic and artist suppliers. Don’t forget to compare the cost of shipping as well as for the potter’s wheel itself.

Expect a new wheel to cost between several hundred to over a thousand dollars. If you are just considering whether clay is for you, I would strongly suggest you take a class to discover if your interest level is high enough to justify purchasing your own potter’s wheel.

I run a pottery workshop here in San Diego and I have success using Shimpos & Pacifica wheels. Here are links to my recommendations on Amazon.

Brent Wheel

Color: Yellow

  • Handles 300 lbs. continuously
  • Reversible electronic speed control — assures maximum torque and smooth response both clockwise and counterclockwise
  • All-steel construction and solid table — for strength and durability
  • Cast aluminum 14″ wheel head — marked with concentric circles for ease in centering clay and includes two bat pins

Shimpo VL Lite . $ 999