Handbuilding Pottery Class in San Diego

Immerse yourself in a 2-hour Beginners Hand building Pottery Class at a fun outdoor ceramics studio next to the beach Wheel Throwing Vs Hand Building – The Differences Explained …Learning pottery from hand-building is easier because you take pottery in its most basic form and build your knowledge. Hand building gives you more control over… Continue reading Handbuilding Pottery Class in San Diego

Pottery Pickup Appointments

Your pottery has already been glazed and fired and ready for pickup 3-4 weeks after your pottery class. You should have received a pickup notice in your email. If you would prefer to have your pottery shipped to you: Please send us a request including the number of pieces along with your shipping address and… Continue reading Pottery Pickup Appointments

How to make your own pottery wheel for cheap

Professionally built pottery wheels can cost more than $1,000. It’s much cheaper to build your own pottery wheel using recycled materials. I found a couple of really cool You Tube videos on how you can make your own pottery wheel from scratch for under $ 200 We built a working pottery wheel for $200! It works great, come see how we… Continue reading How to make your own pottery wheel for cheap

Star Marie- Artwheel Studio intern bio

Star found her passion for sculpting in her high school ceramics class. She has a creative imagination with clay. She search to find an art studio to pursue her passions after high school. She quickly realized the sense of peace that was given to her while molding and manipulating the clay. She was devoted and willing to… Continue reading Star Marie- Artwheel Studio intern bio

Internship Opportunities

Ceramic Studio Apprenticeships – Art Wheel Studio We know how essential it is to immerse yourself fully in the pottery craft and the hours needed to get good at something. Apprenticeship / volunteer job is the option if you have the time but maybe not the funds to invest in short and guided intensive courses.… Continue reading Internship Opportunities

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San Diego Art Book Sale – 25 to 50 % OFF

Massive Arts Book Sale – 25 to 50 % OFF MyAmazon & Ebay Listings.BUY DIRECT& SAVE. $$$ – Visit link here Christmas is just around the corner and this is a good timeTo give the Gift of Art Books to friends, colleagues, and family. Here is a link to a list of art books titles… Continue reading San Diego Art Book Sale – 25 to 50 % OFF

Firing Services

Artwheel Studios offers an extensive range of services for clay artists and anyone who needs expert input. We offer firing services for pottery at low fire 04 & high fire cone 5/6 in our gas kilns.All pickups and drop offs by appointment only. Firing Fees :Pottery firing, one firing, per cu. ft: $50 minimum ($0.03… Continue reading Firing Services

Give the gift of a custom beer mug for Dad !

Father’s Day gift ideas abound on the world wide web, but the majority of them are your same old dad coffee mugs, tacky ties and picture frames that Dad has received for each Father’s Day prior.So this year, we propose you consider something a bit classier- a personalized gift that he will use daily and… Continue reading Give the gift of a custom beer mug for Dad !